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At Swag Bar, we don’t just slap your logo on cheap swag items. We take the time to understand your brand, your project and your goal.

Our experienced and dedicated design team works to create unique, lasting products with your branding in mind that your clients and employees will be proud to use.

Dana Gray

Creative Director

Dana has spent 10 years in the design industry. She loves how design utilizes both left and right sides of the brain.

Favorite Product:

the 14 oz. Ceramic Campfire Mug — a classic!

Hailey Hincemon

Sr. Graphic Designer

Karina has been designing for 6 years. Her favorite part of design is visually building a brand from the ground up.

Favorite Product:

the Ember mug — I use that sucker every day.

Reginald Harris

Graphic Designer

Reggie has 4 years of design experience. His favorite part of the design process is converting sketches into vector graphics.

Favorite Product:

the Weekender Duffle Bag, hands down.

Desiree Lawing

Graphic Designer

Desiree has 12 years of design experience. Her favorite part of the design process is vectorizing design elements.

Favorite Product:


What We Offer​

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We are experts in sock design and promo item selection. We have the knowledge to help you figure out what to include in your swag packs.

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We have the best job because we get to provide you with unique concepts (and final products), made possible by our award winning design and creativity.

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Our design team becomes an extension of your marketing team. We can help create strategies behind your swag packs and campaigns.

From Brand Guide to Final Design

We work with companies of all sizes, and we definitely know our way around a Brand Guide book. Here’s an example of how we took our client’s brand guidelines and brought them to life on a whole pack of custom designed products.


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