Our current lead time is 3-4 weeks. To ensure you have ample time to work with our design and sourcing teams, you should ideally start considering your project ~4-5 weeks ahead of your event.  In general, it takes ~3 weeks to source your items, and our fulfillment needs ~1 week for kitting and shipment to the end recipients.

We need at least 10 business days to complete each project, and rush fees will be assessed if you need your swag in less than 3 weeks (15 business days). During busier times of year (e.g. November-December), lead times may be longer. Please reach out to hello@swagbar.com with any timeline questions.

Our minimum order quantity is 50 units, and we also have a $10,000 minimum requirement for product spend (separate of shipping). Please note that many of our supplier partners have their own minimums and we may not be able to source an item under 100 units in some cases

If you have less than 50 recipients, no worries! You may still need to order the supplier minimum of each item but we can certainly kit up less than 50 boxes. In that case, we can ship any leftover swag in bulk straight to your office for future swag needs.

Yes, we are happy to help source and ship bulk orders.

Of course! Not all items need to have the same artwork, and we are well aware that an image that will fit on a notebook won’t always fit on a pen, for example. Our design team is available to help you visualize the final product and help make the right decisions for which images to use. If you have an in-house designer, we can inform you of any imprint limitations prior to submitting your artwork.

Yes! We recognize that you may not want everything in your box to look exactly the same. You are welcome to include a non-branded item, or we can work with you to find other graphics you could incorporate (such as a skyline from your local city)

Yes! We love helping companies celebrate worldwide. Shipping costs will vary by box size/weight and final destination, but you can see a full rundown of those costs HERE.

We typically ship via USPS or Fedex, dependent upon the box size/weight, final destination and urgency.

To ensure our processes go off without a hitch, we do not allow the use of separate shipping accounts. Rest assured, the high volume rates you’ll receive will be among the cheapest available as our fulfillment partner team ships hundreds of thousands of packages a year.

Absolutely. Once the fulfillment process is complete, we will share a .csv file with all tracking info. We can also notify each individual recipient of their tracking via email if desired.

This happens occasionally due to address inconsistencies (recently changed addresses, typos, etc.), so we anticipate the need to re-ship a few boxes with each project. If this happens, we will check with you to ensure all the address information is accurate and see if there might be a more effective way to get re-ship any returned packages.

Absolutely. A large percentage of our clients store inventory with us and ship packs out on-demand as new hires come on-board or as part of their sales enablement funnel. In these cases, we would create you a custom client landing page where you and your team can place orders one-by-one as needed.

Yes! While we still have to abide by minimums with our supplier partners, we can box packages to be unique to the person opening it. This could mean different sized clothing, unique items for different categories of recipients, etc. We love helping you find the perfect way to celebrate your team and clients

We have size guides for all apparel that we are happy to share with you. However, if a recipient requests a size that does not fit, we would be happy to help source the proper size for the standard cost of the item if feasible. The feasibility will depend on the product and supplier.

If shipping to individual addresses, we will need addresses to make sure the boxes ship to the right locations, and if you want to include size-based clothing, we will need their sizes. If it’s easier, we can generate a landing page with a secure form for address and sizing collection (so that each recipient can fill out their information individually).

When we first connect with you, please let us know your target delivery date from the outset. Once we know the dates, we can realistically assess the delivery timelines.

Sure! Half of what makes a party fun are the sweet treats and drinks that go along with them. We can recommend snack and non-alcoholic beverage options, but we are unable to ship alcohol given state liquor laws. Also, keep in mind these boxes aren’t temp controlled so be careful what you pack in the heat!

If you already have swag on hand, sure! Maybe you ordered a ton of hats for last year’s company picnic and it was cancelled, and now you are stuck with all these hats. Just send them to us and we can include them in your swag pack. We do charge fees for 3rd party items FYI. If you don’t already have swag on hand but want something special that you don’t see on our list, just let us know- chances are we can find someone to make them for you and save the hassle. Find more information here!

We have a number of pre-crafted packs so be sure to check if we have a theme that matches your event/vision. If not, then you can get started by creating your own via this form! Once the form is submitted, someone from our team will be in touch shortly to help you navigate the process.

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Please contact us at hello@swagbar.com