Swag Bar Fundraising

We believe the current fundraising model is flawed, so we developed a better one.

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Swag Bar Fundraising offers a comprehensive Product Launch & Fulfillment service designed specifically for fundraisers.
  • Together, we launch a one-of-a-kind Limited Edition Merch Line

  • We handle EVERYTHING — strategy, creative, sourcing, e-commerce transactions, packing and shipping

  • All you do is give a “thumbs up” on products + artwork and promote the launch to your audience + supporters

What can I earn?

An Example Campaign

The more you sell, the more you earn. Here’s an example of what you could make based on averages:

sell 100 units

earn $5,000

sell 200 units

earn $10,500

sell 300 units

earn $16,500

Raise more money

You’ll actually raise more money with far less work than via a traditional merch program!

We use limited edition merch campaigns offered in a 7-day window. This makes it easier to sell & drive demand without feeling like a sellout.

Fundraising via Merch

The Old Way vs. Our Way

What are the benefits?

No Maintenance Icon

No constant maintenance & promotion for pennies in profits from your standard e-commerce store sales.

No Cash Tied Up Icon

You won’t have cash tied up in inventory.

No Worrying Icon

No worrying about storage, packaging, labeling, shipping, or customer service

Multiple Launches Icon

You can offer multiple launches throughout the year (keep supporters coming back!)


If you follow our program and don’t make $5,000 at a minimum, we’ll give you $1,000 just for the wasted time.

Past Clients


Typically, we are able to kit and ship everything back out within 1 month of your campaign close date.

If the campaign does not reach its fundraising goal, all payments made by individual supporters will be refunded. You will also be eligible for the $1,000 guarantee refund for the wasted time and effort on your part.

We can certainly get you individual custom product samples. However, it may delay the start of your campaign launch date by 2-3 weeks. 

Yes we can certainly take orders via phone and will provide a dedicated phone number on all marketing collateral as well as your online campaign landing page.

Swag Bar will handle all customer service inquiries on your behalf. If there are any questions that arise that we cannot answer ourselves, we will naturally forward those on to your team/project admin.

Yes, we can of course ship internationally. Please note that additional shipping charges apply (which are paid for by each individual supporter upon checkout from your online campaign landing page), and the timeline from shipment to delivery is longer for international shipments.

Yes we are happy to incorporate any marketing materials or products you may already have on hand. However, 3rd party item fees will apply and will not  

All payments are handled through the Shopify e-commerce platform and all major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. 

Yes Swag Bar does cover all credit card transaction fees on your behalf.

While you do not have to send a direct mail piece, it is highly recommended to enhance campaign visibility and maximize fundraising. Keep in mind, Swag Bar will cover all costs associated with sending out direct mail pieces.

In some cases, we may have a few overage units after all kitting and fulfillment is completed, but these are not guaranteed. 

We welcome any and all collaboration creatively, and we are happy to provide any templates or die-lines you might need.

Your contact list is yours and yours alone. We will of course share all data once the campaign closes and do not contact your supporters for any reason unrelated to your campaign.

Yes we incorporate a text field on every campaign landing page where donors can offer additional funds and 100% of this money will go directly to your organization.

Yes, of course! When your supporters go to check out, they can simply enter a different shipping address from their billing address.

While we do not have an upper limit, our team can help coach you on what is most feasible and likely to maximize your fundraising dollars.

Yes we do require that all clients sign a standard boilerplate contract to ensure that both sides are equally protected. We will work hard on your behalf to maximize fundraising dollars raised and we expect our clients to follow through on any promises made in kind. 

We believe that following a model of reciprocity is the best way to maximize your fundraising efforts. Simply asking donors for money with no offer in return has resulted in flat or declining campaign efforts in recent years. We would love to have the opportunity to prove it to you via your own merch fundraising campaign. And of course, if you have a great experience, we’d love to continue the relationship into future campaigns.

Yes you can certainly take this type of campaign on yourself. However, every minute you spend on set-up, sourcing, creative artwork, customer service, etc. is time you otherwise could have been focused on the daily tasks of your real job. What’s more, it will take you a significant amount of time to learn the ins and outs and ensure the highest quality outcome possible. Time and time again, We are experts when it comes to merch product launch and fulfillment campaigns, and our expertise will more than pay for itself.

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