Kitting, Fulfillment & Storage


All sourcing, quality control, and kitting is included when you hire us to create your swag packs!


All items are sourced in bulk by our production team.

Quality Control

Items arrive at our fulfillment facility and are counted and spot checked for quality.


Once all final products are in our hands, we prep the kitting assembly line.

We can kit and ship up to 2,000 kits per day. We can also call in temporary staff if needed for larger projects.

Kitting & Fulfillment Fees

The Other Guys

> New Project Admin Fee — $250
> Kitting Fee (up to 5 items) — $3.00 per unit
> Fee for Each additional item — $0.50 per unit
> Fees for “Extra Care” items like coffee mugs — $0.35 per unit​
> Packing Materials for Extra Care items — $0.30 per unit​
> Fulfillment “Pick & Pack” Fee — $2.50 per unit​


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added costs

All sourcing, quality control, and kitting is INCLUDED when you hire us to create your swag packs!

We ship to your specs!

Individual Locations Icon

Individual Locations

Perfect for shipping to individual recipients’ homes, or if you have several office locations.

Offices and Events Icon

Offices & Events

We can ship in bulk to office and event locations so your swag is on hand and ready to pass out.

Split It Up Icon


If you have people and teams and offices all over — no worries! We can split shipments between individual home addresses and bulk addresses.


All Swag Packs and custom kits are assembled, then either shipped or barcoded the same day.

If you need somewhere to store your items temporarily, we offer simple storage pricing with no hidden fees.

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