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Impressing a new hire on day 1 isn’t just important. It’s vital to the longevity of the relationship. And first impressions, don’t even start with Day 1 on the job. They start days if not weeks before. 

So be sure to put your best foot forward with an incredible branded welcome box from Swag Bar. 

The equation is simple in this case:

Thoughtful Curation + Quality Products = Long Lasting Relationships

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When you onboard an employee, an often overlooked aspect of the process is the new hire welcome kit you provide them.

Starting a new position at a new company is nerve racking. Help them feel welcome and get them to buy into your company culture right away with our new employee welcome kit solutions.

With these, you can make an incredibly first impression – one that reinforces they made the right choice choosing to work for you. 

When you first start a new job, there is a lot unexpected. Even if employees do diligent research into your company culture, audit past employee reviews, etc., it’s hard to know what they’re walking into until their first day.

Because first impressions are everything, the top companies around the world have made it standard protocol to give their incoming workers a new hire welcome kit.

This is essentially a package of goodies to make them feel at home – most notably, shirts, hats, water bottles, etc. – there is no hard and fast rule as to what’s included. Every company differs, and some will focus on products they themselves sell.

Sometimes, the new employee welcome kit focuses on educating on company culture – it will include a pamphlet with a history of the company, messages and values, etc.

But one thing in particular stays pretty consistent across all these packs – they should be branded with your logo, taglines, message, etc.

Every company has a different idea of what should be in a new hire welcome kit, but there are some things that should be consistent across all brands, businesses, and industries.

Start off with a personal touch – a handwritten note from the new hire’s supervisor or director, or even the owner, CEO, etc. – genuinely welcome them to your team, and iterate how excited you are for them to be there. It sounds small, but this goes a long way.

You also need to include important company information, to provide them some clarity on what is surely a stressful, unknown day. This starts with an employee handbook. However, here are some other things that should be included in the new employee welcome package, if they aren’t provided within the handbook:

  • Company directory
  • List of holidays the company observes
  • Organizational chart
  • Map of facility and/or office
  • Financial and tax forms
  • Compression and benefits information

This is just the boring documentation stuff that every employee expects, and can really be handled separately from the welcome kit by your HR staff if you’d like. 

Then, you have a chance to use your welcome kit to really stand out and give the employee some cool swag to show off just what a great company culture you have.

Stand Out With Your New Employee Welcome Package 

There are no shortage of swag options to include in your new employee welcome package – this can be branded notebooks, pens, mouse pads, and basically any other office or work supplies they may need once they get to work.

However, you can take things even a step further and design hats, shirts, socks, or any other type of apparel you can think of to include in the kit.

This will make their day, and they’ll be excited to represent their new employer out and about when they wear it. Here are a few things you can consider adding to your kit:

  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Office supplies
  • Insulated water bottles or coffee mugs
  • Stickers
  • Stress balls
  • Anything your mind can imagine

These are just some of the most common things we think you should include in a new hire welcome package, but we encourage you to really make it your own. The sky is the limit when designing these – but only if you work with Swag Bar.

When you work with Swag Bar, you can easily customize your new employee welcome kit to include anything you want, exactly how you want it!

We have worked with some of the top companies in the world to custom-build their new employee welcome package, and can do the same for you. If companies like Cisco and The Salvation Army trust us, why wouldn’t you?

Design Your New Hire Welcome Package How YOU Want It

The reason so many companies continue to work with us to design their new hire welcome package is the amount of control we offer over the process.

When you work with other companies on this process, you will be greeted with thousands of options that all more or less look the same – overwhelming you and leaving you confused as to what you should really include.

This won’t happen with us. We make it simple. We’ve done the hard work and know what the best new employee welcome package should include, and can provide you with only the best choices from your favorite categories.

We offer only the best quality, redefining what “swag packs” truly represent. Ours are filled with premium quality products, unlike the other guys.

How To Start Designing Your New Employee Welcome Box

To start customizing your new employee welcome box, simply choose your swag pack or create your own.

You can choose whichever products you want to include in your kit, specifying quantities, sizes, etc. We have options for apparel, food & drinkware, writing & pens, tech, and much, much more.

You can truly make your new hire welcome box your own, as we’ll pair you up with one of our designers once you’ve made your selections as to which products you want.

You and our designer will be able to put your logo on the products, choose colors and designs, etc. After we’ve hammered out the details and you’ve given your approval, we’ll prepare the new new hire welcome box within 15-30 days!